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Aprender a bailar puede ser dificil, pero en compañía es mucho mejor.


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Paquetes y Membresias

  • 1 Lesson Pass

    You can go to any class at Hamburgo Studio, Busan Nights, Marketeatro Nights or Parque México
    Valid for 3 months
    • Valid for 3 months for all locations and classes.
    • (Pole Dance Lessons No included)
  • 4 Lesson Monthly Pass

    Every month
    • Valid for all classes at Hamburgo Studio (except pole dance)
  • VIP All Classes Everywhere

    Every month
    Includes all the classes you want at ISM Studio, Busán and Parque México + The Sociales

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    We have 2 dance rooms 1 for 50 m2 and other is for 100m2